CounterPunch is an archive showcasing reactionary works of writing and art, made in response to particularly noxious instances of comics Getting It Wrong.

Totally Appropriate Covers (with bonus, never before seen script excerpts)!
by Karen
Turning the tables on Frank Miller's depictions of women.
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"And he's hot, too."
by Dan Jacobson
If I had batarang for every time someone said, "but men are objectified too!" I'd be equiped to take on crime in Gotham.
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Betty asked for examples of male characters put into the positions, costumes, and blocking that female comic characters are often found in. The internet answered.
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Responses to Wizard's How to Draw
Pages from Wizard's How to Draw are posted. The internet responds.
by L. R. Jonte
There I was, looking at your scans of those damned Wizard how-to pages and thinking, "Jeez, if I was their Editor..."
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One livejournaller combined Michael Turner's tutorial with John Berger's Ways of Seeing in an ironic mashup.
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Vito Excalibur applied the techniques promoted in How to Draw with the genders reversed. Origionally posted in this post, reproduced here with the kind permission of Vito Excalibur.
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